Face Shapes

Every accomplished hair dresser will take into a consideration the client's facial shape, head shape, nose shape, profile, neck shape, eyes etc., while hair cutting and styling his/hers precious locks. Generally we recognize six facial types - OVAL, ROUND, DIAMOND, OBLONG, SQUARE and PEAR-SHAPE. Go to the mirror and study your face for a while. Then decide, what shape it is. And when you go to see your hairdresser, don't be afraid to discuss all of your options. Remember, an educated client gets the best haircuts. Short, long, wild, tamed or spunky. Today, any style is fashionable - anything that suits your face, personality and lifestyle. Go for it.


If you have an oval shape of your face then you are a very lucky person. This shape is considered as the perfect shape. The length is about one and half times longer then the width across the brow area. If you have all other features (i.e. nose, eyes, profile) just as perfect, then you can wear any hair style. Your hairdresser can be very creative. And you can wear your style swept away from the face, forward, parted in the middle or on the side if you Like it. Do whatever you want. You can't go wrong.


If your face is round you must concentrate on making it look longer. You can accomplish it by letting the hair grow longer. If you like your hair short you still need to elongate your face visually. Try leaving your hair on top of your head longer and styling it somewhat higher. Another trick is to style your hair in "wisps" around your face. That way the wide part of your face will get covered by hair and will create a visual effect of a thinner face.


also sometimes called the triangle shape you have a wide cheek area and a really narrow chin (and/or a forehead). It really means that your hairdresser should make your face appear in the forehead and chin area wider! Nice very long layered below the chin length flip would look nice on you. The hair in the cheek area blow-dried straight would make you look narrower. You would feel like your head has an oval shape. That's a nice and classy style in my opinion. I can only hope that you agree as well.


you really have a long oval facial shape. With features like that you should definitely ask your hairdresser to visually widen and shorten your face. If you are young and wild at heart and would like to wear a Mohawk - don't do it. Try a horizontal Mohawk instead :-). I haven't seen one like it yet, so maybe you will be a trendsetter. Other than that I would wear my hair in a chin length or shorter and close to the head on top. No puffy styles, please. Add some fringe (English version of bangs) and you are set to party.


you definitely want to create an effect of a very soft roundness and an illusion of length. The best bet would be in parting your hair on the side and lifting it off the forehead. And then sweeping some layered wisps over your sides. Wavy hair would work for you the best. It would offset the squarness in your face.


you have a narrow forehead and quite a wide jaw and your hair stylist should concentrate on creating an illusion of wide forehead area. I would recommend a short hair cut, styled wide on top and having some "wisps" covering their cheeks and jaw, making them "thinner" in the lower part of their face.

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