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Many men have clean shaven faces because it is required by corporate world, yet some men manage to "get away" with mustache or beard in their company. The facial hair can conceal imperfections in the face (thin lips, scars etc.) They draw attention from thinning hair, large nose or close-set eyes. They add age to very young looking faces (if you want to be taken more seriously). Some man just do look better with a well manicured mustache or beard.

Trimming your mustache

If you like to wash your mustache before trimming, make sure you cut it dry as cutting it wet may produce very short mustache. Any wet hair stretches in its length and as it dries it shrinks. Comb your mustache with a mustache comb (or the one that has small teeth) straight down, cut the mustache with very sharp hair short cutting scissors (you can get a good quality pair that is not too expensive at any beauty supply store) positioning them horizontally and supporting the hand that holds them with the other hand. This way you'll steady your hand and will cut straight line.
If you like your mustache to be layered leave it to the professional hairstylist. You can do just simple mustache trims between your hair cutting appointments.

Trimming your beard

Buy yourself good clippers from any beauty supply store (find the address through Yellow Pages). They come with several attachment. Always start with wider attachment as you can trim your beard shorter later without feeling sorry if you did it the other way around and realized that you actually wanted your beard little longer. You can also ask your stylist what size he/she uses on your beard. Insert the attachment on your clippers and trim the beard in all directions to make sure that you didn't skip a hair. If your face is round and you'd love to have it look narrower (longer) leave the beard on your chin longer (use a wider attachment) and cut it very close on your cheek area (use narrower attachment). This requires a little skill, but you can give it a little try. The hardest part is the shaping of the outline on your neck. It should have a "U" line and should be placed on the border of the bottom of your jaw right where your neck starts. If you have very hairy face, you may clean shave your cheek area after you outlined your beard on your cheeks as well. Make sure that both cheeks are trimmed the same.
Wash your beard every day with a good shampoo. If your beard has very coarse hair use a hair conditioner to soften it up.

How to get "rid" of your beard

First use clippers without any attachment and clip it all off. Then you can shave with your favorite razor using your favorite shaving cream after you softened your face first. Be gentle, your face hasn't been used to shaving for a while.


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