Children: How 2 Get Child Ready 4 a Haircut
How 2 Clippercut Son's Hair

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Children > How to Clippercut Your Child's Hair

Below I will present two styles. First the easier one, where the length is same all over, second with a little longer top. In the future I'll include also Flat top, but that requires a skill and steady hand.


  1. cape
  2. scissors
  3. comb
  4. spray bottle
  5. blow dryer
  6. clippers
  7. attachments - several sizes (1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 1/2")


On the left you can see an excellent example of a clipper cut with one size only attachment. I like to start with water spraying the hair just a little. Then I blow dry it while moving the hair in all different directions. The reason for this is, that if hair stands away from the scalp it is easier to clipper cut evenly. Prior to clipper cutting you need to discuss with your son what length of the hair he would like to have, after the cut. 1/2" attachment is about a width of a hairdresser's fingers. So if he wants that hair length, you may want to start with 1/2'' attachment. You will simply follow the shape of his head. Clipper cut in all different directions. If you cut only in one direction you will see marks resembling marks on your lawn after it has been cut by your lawn mower. Cut up and down, left and right, diagonally - just like I said in all different directions. When you are finished with 1/2" attachment, you may decide to make it shorter. Remember, it is always easy to remove the hair, but it is impossible to put back what you cut off already.
Finishing: With a comb you need to comb all the hair around the ears toward them and cut it off with scissors. Hair likes to "hide" and when someone washes his/hers hair, suddenly longer strands of uncut hair reappear. Last thing that you have to do is clean up the neck. You may decide to leave a natural hairline, or create a line. It's all up to you. Actually up to your child. Don't forget to even out your son's side burns.
And, voilà!, you are done. Congratulation.

Tip: As you gain more experience, you can go directly to the appropriate size of an attachment.


This technique is little more advanced. You will cut the hair in same manner like I described above. Start with 1/2" attachment. After all the hair is cut, change to 1/4" attachment. Now here you have to be carefull, pay an attention to how high you will go. You will use this 1/4" attachment only on sides and the back of the head. You need to work in a steady, same speed, bottom to top, straight up and away from the curve of your son's head. Sometimes you can use your son's occipital bone as your guide. You may cut also slightly diagonally, but again bottom to top with hand movement away from the scalp. With this style DON'T cut left to right and right to left. You would destroy the blending of the sides with the top.
If your son would like to have hair shorter around the ears, gradually blended with top, you need to use the 1/8" attachment and cut the same way like with 1/4" attachment, EXCEPT you need to move your hands away from scalp little sooner (that means lower) - you go away from the scalp about an inch lower then the top curve of your sons head. Then you take 1/16" attachment and do again the same thing like with 1/8" attachment, EXCEPT you move your hands away from the scalp 2" bellow the top curve of your sons head.
Finishing: Same as in "Same length clipper cut". But you may need to check if the 1/16", 1/8", 1/4" and 1/2" attachments are blended well also. You may need to finish this blending with scissors.

Tip: With the use of several attachments you always need to start with the biggest (thickest) one and move to the smallest one.

Remember, you need steady and even movement of your hands. It is like a ballet dance. Good luck.


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