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Children > How to Get Your Child Psychologically Ready For a Haircut

Children are very special people and they should be treated in a special way. When they are coming to a hair salon for a haircut it may be for them a wonderful experience, it may be a boring experience, it may be a frightening experience.

Below, you'll find some pointers about what to do prior to coming to a salon to get your sweet peas, princesses, warriors or what ever they love to be called, psychologically ready for a hair cut.


How to Get Your Child Psychologicaly Ready For a Haircut

  • Every time you or your husband (wife) have a haircut take your child with you, if possible, to show your child how his/her parent is being pampered and how special experience it can be
  • Try to borrow a children's book about haircutting from a local library (or buy one) and read a story to your child
  • Set a date for a hair cut and mark it on the calendar
  • Every night at the bed time while hugging and kissing your munchkin "good night" tell her/him: "In so and so many days you'll get a great hair cut." You may ask your child to do the countdown herself/himself
  • Bring your child to a salon after nap and well rested (definitely not tired - crying will slow down a hairdresser, it may cause a bad hair cut and other clients may get upset)
  • Stylist should show to the child scissors, combs and clips and describe what she will do with those tools
  • Clippers can be intimidating, so do not let your stylist use them until the child is ready
  • Very little children should sit on their parents lap
  • Children are very curious and will look around to see what a stylist will do to them, so you may need to hold the child's head, while talking or singing softly to your child
  • For the smallest children bring along small toys that will distract the child from realizing what is happening to her/him
  • Help the hairdresser to keep your child as calm as possible so they can finish the job without cutting their fingers or your child in a timely manner (they may have other clients waiting)
  • With the smallest children do not expect the best haircut, it is very difficult to cut hair straight while they are wiggling
  • If you are not happy with a haircut, ask the hairdresser if you can come back an other time


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