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Shampoo for Dry Hair

Oil glands of people with dry hair work less then oil glands of people with normal hair. They do not lubricate hair much. You should use shampoos designed for dry type of hair as they are gentler for the hair. They are moisturizing - and that's exactly what your hair needs.

Shampoo for Normal Hair

This type of hair is semi-oily. You need shampoo that is a little moisturizing but not too much. Yet the shampoo will clean your hair thoroughly.

Shampoo for Oily Hair

Shampoos for oily hair may be too "stripping" because it is designed to clean the oily substance from your hair as well as any dirt. You should be careful in over using them. The best thing to do would be to alternate with a Shampoo for Normal Hair.

Shampoos for Fine Hair

These shampoos are formulated so they clean hair very thin in diameter well. This type of shampoo has to moisturize the hair yet clean it and not to weight it down.

Shampoos for Chemically Treated Hair

Shampoo for chemically treated hair has usually moisturizers, protein, may have vitamins - all the goodies, that hair looses while being colored, permed or straightened. And is usually pH balanced.

Pigmented Shampoos

are shampoos that are supposed to help people keep their colored hair looking vibrant yet natural. Shampoos contain different colored pigments. Blue or purple shampoos keep the blond hair pale, on gray hair it neutralizes the yellow "cast". Orange shampoo helps people with their golden shades, red shampoo is great for keeping that red in for longer time. Brown shampoo is for brunets and black shampoo keeps those raven tresses from fading to reddish brown. They last only from shampoo to shampoo, yet if you use very dark shampoos every day, you may end up with a build up and hair will look dull instead of vibrant. I advise people to alternate these shampoos with shampoos designed for their hair type.

Clarifying Shampoos

are shampoos that remove any build up due to styling products, environment, medicine etc. You can use these shampoos once a week or even biweekly. Using these shampoos before perming or coloring also helps to process hair easier and with fewer problems as removing build up causes more accurate processing time.

Dandruff Shampoos

are medicated shampoos and should help you to control dandruff (dead and flaky skin) free scalp. Below are two shampoos, one by Paul Mitchell, the other by Nature's Gate available in Health Stores), that use tea tree oil to maintain healthy scalp.

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