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image of a short razor cutCOMBS & BRUSHES

When combing your long hair with the brush it may be very rough for it. I think that you should de-tangle with a wide-toothed comb first. Then move onto medium wide tooth to get the rest of the tangles out. You can practically purchase yours anywhere - hair salons, drug stores etc. Just make sure, it is not made out of the rubber as it doesn't slide down easily and destroys the hair shaft.

I prefer brushes with bristles on the shorter side with no little "balls" on the tip - they seam to get stuck in the tangles and rip the hair. I don't know how long is your hair, but remember, the longest hair is the oldest hair. Being rough on it will give you a frizzy, ratty, broken off quality hair. So treat your hair gently.


Do you find yourself in a hurry and you walk out into a cold winter day with your hair wet? Did you know it is a big no-no? The water in the hair freezes, expands and breaks the hair. No wonder you feel like you have a bad hair day or your hair appears dry and brittle. Do yourself a favor and dry it before you leave the house.

Do you understand the pH factor in shampoos? Did you know that most of the shampoos have a pH between 5 and 7? And that medicated shampoos have a pH closest to a neutral pH. And shampoos labeled as pH balanced have almost same pH factor as the hair? Read about each individual shampoo type HERE.

You should never wash your hair with soaps as they are too alkaline. They are drying for the hair, they coat hair with a thin film and they weight the hair down. Instead you should choose mild shampoo (and conditioner) according to your hair type. Use water that is warm, not too hot. Do not use too much shampoo, especially professional shampoos may be more concentrated then the ones over the counter. Shampoo buildup could lead to dull, "no shine" looking hair. A greasy scalp will prevent hair follicles from breathing properly, add weight to the roots, and may cause possible hair loss. Apply your shampoo to the scalp area only. You should massage your scalp first with finger tips only. A good massage will stimulate the blood vessels and bring a nutrition to all your individual hairs. Then use your fingers and gently "comb" the hair moving the lather down toward the ends, limiting potential chemical damage of using too much shampoo (which shampoo is a chemical after all) on older, weaker hair. Do not rub the hair, it may get tangled and . Rinse and repeat if necessary. At the end give yourself cool shower - it helps to keep your hair shiny. Rinse ALL the shampoo out to prevent the build up.


Conditioners have improved a lot in the past years and are designed to add manageability and shine, protect, repair, detangle and keep the hair from becoming static in dry weather. Conditioners penetrate and/or coat hair. Do not over condition. If you feel that conditioner is not doing its job (maybe due to weather/seasons changes, body changes like sickness or use of medicine etc.) skip it or change (the same applies to shampoos). After you rinse ALL the shampoo out, apply just enough (according to your hair length) conditioner (that is right for your hair type) on the ends by crunching it in. Use a wide tooth comb and comb the hair from root area to the ends very gently. If your hair is very tangled you should start combing it on the ends and slowly move up toward the scalp as you detangle each area very well first. Then rinse well with a cold water. If your hair is prone to splitting or damage, protect it preferably with a protein based leave in conditioner. When you are done, wrap your hair in a towel gently and just let it blot dry. Again do not rub as it would disturb the surface of each individual hair. Let the towel do most of the work. If your hair is super long change to another towel few minutes later.
Different types of conditioners can be found HERE.

How to grow super long hair

If you goal is to grow super long hair, cutting the split ends to about one quarter of an inch above the split will do. And hope that your genes are encoded with a very long hair, that you inherited from any side of your family. Eat well balanced meals. Take your vitamins.



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