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Q: I have brown and about a 1/2 of a pinkie length, and I want to know the easiest way to spike my hair, or what to use, or the methods I can do to spike my hair good.
A: Apply a good thick gel into your hair and distribute it evenly. Then use a hot air (blow dryer) to speed up drying process while you pull the hair straight up and slightly back with your fingers. If something dries too soon too flat, apply a little water to the flat area only and re-blow dry it. Then spray your hair with a stiff hair spray to ensure your style to stay put. Do not get caught in rain :-)

Q: I am almost 40 and wonder if anyone my age wet sets their hair? I am wanting to try this for a new look. I have chin length hair cut in a bob style. Does anyone have any suggestions? What kind of rollers should I use? How should I roll it? Should I use any kind of setting lotion? When it's dry how should I brush it out? I don't know if anyone my age wet sets their hair these days. I've been told that only people my mother's age do this. Help me, please.
A: The easiest way is to go to a hair salon, let a skilled stylist do it for you, watch him/her like a hawk how he/she does it, ask lot of pointers what is he/she doing and why. Then see yourself all finished and styled and decide if it is worth it to do all this at home. If you do not like the style, you do not have to purchase any of the tools needed, plus you waste lot less time by trying to figure out on your own at home how to do it.
Otherwise, try it on the weekend when you have a lot of time. I would recommend 2 types of rollers. One is made of plastic and the surface is very smooth, which makes the hair dry smooth also - these are difficult to work with and require a lot of practice. Velcro rollers are pretty easy to use, but hair doesn't come so smooth. The size depends on you how wavy or curly you want your hair - this is a decision you must make. You can get for a setting lotion nice light gel (not too thick). After you set your hair (your arms will probably hurt), let it dry. If you air dry it, it will take a long time for hair to dry all the way to the ends. If you sit under a hood dryer it may take about ½ - ¾ of an hour. Then you have to cool down to make sure that your hot waves won't fall out after you take them of the rollers. Then comes the style! You'll have to play with your hair. The rollers will make your hair to be separated - if you do not like that, you'll have to teas the hair, style and spray a lot so it stays. If you want to achieve a style worn by famous Hollywood actresses, you still have to teas a little, but style it so it is kind of separated. You would most likely need to have your hair layered for that effect.
Just remember - it was your idea, so do not blame the hairdresser for not looking the way you dreamt of.

Q: My hair is very thin and very fine. It is about shoulder length and I would like to grow it a little longer, but I have a problem with the top, since it is so thin it has no body at all - I need a little fulness.
A: Your stylist could highlight your hair with couple different shades, thus adding a dimensional look to your hair and creating visual fulness. Or color your hair all over with single process application. Both techniques help your hair "swell" after the color application and add body to your style.
You may also ask your stylist about "clear glazing", which is another expression for a "clear toner". In this technique hair gets a shiny layer over the hair cuticle, making it little thicker in diameter and again adding body to the hair.
Use shampoos for fine hair. Alternating couple of shampoos will also help. Occasionally use clarifying shampoo (if you color your hair use it before a color treatment) to remove any build up on your hair. It will make your hair lighter and less lifeless. If your hair tangles use detangeling conditioners only.
As a styling product use mouse. Just a little and on the root area only.

Q: I have slightly wavy, very dry hair due to thyroid problems, I have had the same style for at least 10 years. I am looking for some new ideas. My hair is shoulder length with long layers, I would love to see some styles on short hair.
A: Go to a book store to the Magazine Section and look for Hair Magazines in the Fashion Area. You can find magazines from the US as well as England (these are more avant-garde then the American ones). They have SEVERAL different mags on short hair. Lot of styles to choose from. Look through them and if you see a style, that you think would look nice on you, buy it and take it to your hairdresser.

Q: I'm 16 and I live in Australia. I have short (2-3 inch) dark curly hair and I have to gel it or it's goes all afro and I hate afro. The gel is fine but it's doesn't have the wet look and I know there must me something the star's use to keep it manageable and keep the wet look.
A: The question is: What do you do with the hair AFTER you apply the gel? And what kind of gel are you using? Maybe it is a pomade? For wet look I use gel that is a thick liquid (there are many good brands at the market), apply a lot of it, comb my hair in the place, diffuse it (or air dry it) and DON'T touch it any more.

Q: I have a very curly hair. The curls I've learned to manage with, but I have straight hair on the top of my head, that covers the curls and make them look flat and shapeless. The prettiest thing for me, is to do my hair half top twisted or clipped, and leave the curly have down. But I can't keep doing it forever, and when I undo it, it looks even more shapeless. I use leave-on conditioner, mouses and gels, but nothing help. Even when I blow dry with a diffuser and scrunch, the curls get curlier, but it still looks part straight on top and so undefined, and I have to band my hair all the time and I can't go natural. Help me. I've been thinking about getting my hair layered. It's very fine and dry.
A: Your straight hair on top could be certainly layered in long layers, that way you will get rid of dry hair. Then you could go to a hairdresser who specializes in perms and have your only straight hair on top partial permed. If you twist and clip your hair on top you are only encouraging it to be even more straight, that's why it is more shapeless when you undo your hair. If you keep your hair layered, you could have your straight hair on top permed every 6 months in order to have the curly look and plenty of body you are searching for.

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