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Q: Hi! I'm 13 years old, and have very naturally curly, frizzy, blonde hair! I hate it and have forever! I seriously can't do anything with it! So, I talked to my mom about this and she is somewhat giving in to me straightening my curly hair. But, she says even if I do one of those long term (6 months to a year) treatments at a salon, my hair will be dry, nasty, and brittle. So my question to you is: 1. Is this true? 2. If it is then is it a good idea for me to go ahead and do it? 3. And lastly, what shampoos, etc. can I put in my hair to make it less brittle and dry. PLEASE, PLEASE help me! I'll take ANY advice! Thank you all so much. Much love from Florida
A: You should consider a very humid Florida weather before you make any steps in relaxing your hair. Have you tried moisturizing conditioners and gels on your hair to "tame it down"? You can make your hair lot less frizzy looking with a help of above mentioned products and a diffuser, which doesn't blow your curls away.
Here is my opinion, after reading your questions. 1) If your hairdresser is knowledgeable and uses a right relaxer (I swear by Rusk's ANTICURL) and a correct application, your hair should be in a tiptop condition. But you'll still need to blow dry your hair every time you shampoo it to make it look good. 2) I do not think anybody knows if it is a good idea for you to go ahead and do it. You must find out on your own. 3) You'll need to use moisturizing shampoos with protein. And you will need to condition your hair also. Lastly, if you will decide to do it, remember, you'll need to do touch ups every 4-6 months, depending on the tightness of your curl. The touch ups should be on your re-growth area only.

Q: My hair is curly on the top layers and straight on the bottom layers. My hair stylist told me that if I wanted straight hair I should get a chemical relaxer put in my hair. I have been asking around to see if a relaxer would work and it wouldn't ruin my hair. If anyone has had a relaxer put in their hair could you please give me some advice on whether I should go for it or start thinking of something else I could do.
A: If you are looking for a straight style, do it. There are so many relaxers on the market these days and some of them are very gentle on the hair. Entrust yourself into a skilled stylist and this decision may make your life a lot easier. I am not saying you will not have to style your hair, because you will, but it will be easier. I personally love "Anticurl" by Rusk - if handled properly it leaves hair shiny and healthy looking. (Their statement: Rusk Radical Anticurl eliminates frizz and unwanted curl while giving hair added texture and control. Leaves hair feeling soft and manageable.)

Q: I am a 33 year old Caucasian with naturally curly hair who desperately wants to get out of the shower with straight wet hair. I recently spoke to a woman who told me to stay away from Sodium Hydroxide and Calcium Hydroxide but Thioglycolate should be OK. What do you think?
A: It all depends on your hair texture and curl formation and if your hair is colored. Preferably you want to choose a relaxer without the lye, which is Sodium Hydroxide. You definitely want a very skilled, experienced, precision oriented and fast working stylist. You may want to call few reputable African-American salons, as they have a lot of experience with relaxing the hair. They do get Caucasian clients as well.
I love a product by RUSK, called Radical Anticurl. It is a very gentle product and hair looks and feels very healthy afterwards. It comes out very shiny as well. That is my experience with this product. When you interview a potential hairdresser, ask questions like: How do you protect my scalp (Vaseline is popular)? How do you protect my hair before and after relaxing? How do you apply the relaxer (they should start about an inch off the scalp, otherwise you could get burns)? What kind of relaxers do you carry? And so on....

Q: I am a guy and I have long black (dyed) hair. It is about mid neck's length or almost shoulder length. I have wavy hair and it curls up a little at the ends. Is it possible for me to get perfectly straight hair and keep it and if so how do I do it?
A: You could use a flat iron - I think Walmart sells them, also try local BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE. But this technique is not permanent. It lasts only from shampoo to shampoo. The best would be getting a hair relaxed by professional. Especially since you color your hair. Did you use a professional help? People at home usually overprocess their hair by overlapping the tint.

Q: Hi, I have a short hair cut, (not a buzz cut or anything, id say my hair is about 2 or 3 inches long though) and its really wavy and curly. How can I get it straightened, I've heard of chemically by professionals, can it be done with my hair this short? Also, is there any way a stylist can turn my curly, wavy hair into straight, spiky hair like mark mcgrath, (lead singer from sugar ray) please help me out
A: You need a professional who knows what he/she is doing and who will be devoted only to you and will not be distracted by any client. It is because your hair is so short. After the straightener is applied, a stylist has to pull the hair with fingers up and away from the scalp very gently to force your hair get into the straight form. He/she has to be careful not to get the straightener on your skin. Although a little may get on you, but if that happens it needs to be wiped right away, so your skin doesn't get burned. Then you have to get your hair neutralized. It will help your hair to remain in the straight form.

Q: I'm Asian-American and I have really thick (frizzy) curly hair. Is it safe to use a relaxer on my hair? because I've heard that I may get a lot of hair damage and breakage. Please help!
A: If you go to a very reputable stylist, you should be in safe hands. Any very good stylist will examine your hair and tell you if they can relax your hair. If they can, they will use proper relaxers - mild for weaker hair or strong for strong hair. You just have to ask lot of questions. Consult with 2 or 3 reputable stylists and choose the one that can answer all your questions correctly and patiently.

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