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Q: I have fine straight Asian hair. I had it body-permed about 2 months ago, but as soon as it was taken out of the perming rods, I noticed that it looked a bit "underdone". That was OK since I was able to retain the texture of my hair. However, the perm is now growing out and I was thinking of re-perming it again. How long should I wait to have it re-permed again and do you think that I could still retain the silky texture of my hair?
A: You can re-perm your hair. Also I think the hair might have relaxed a little, which is not at all unusual. The hair on the ends will process faster then the hair at the root area. Therefor you will experience a weaker perm at the roots (that should not be a problem since your re-growth is only about one inch long) and a nice firm curl formation on the rest of the hair (since the hair cuticle is somewhat open and chemicals can penetrate and start processing the hair sooner). If the stylist uses the right product and will time the processing correctly, you still should have hair in a good shape, but I don't know if it will be as shiny as your natural hair. There are many good silicone products on the market that add a shine to hair. But be aware about the perm rods. Have your hairdresser use the right diameter of perm rods as big ones make curls look weak and small ones frizzy.

Q: What do you do when your perm falls out and frizzes. I got a perm 2 months ago and it didn't take well. It looks awful. Now what can I do to make it go away?
A: If your perm is curly when wet and straight and frizzy when dry then your perm was overprocessed. Let your hair be seen by a reputable stylist in your area for his/her opinion if the perm is overprocessed. Was your hair straight and hairdresser didn't use the right solution or didn't time it correctly? I would try to go to the salon and talk them into giving you conditioning treatments once or twice a month at no extra charge since it happened in their salon. Or did you have too many perms on top of the previous perms? Then it was your fault, you should give yourself conditioning treatments yourself to make your hair look less dry. Buy yourself a conditioner that repairs damaged hair and use it according to manufacturer. You have to wait till your perm gets all cut out before performing another chemical process, that is if you do not want your hair to break and fall out. Meantime use soft rollers and treat your hair gently. Use styling products with silicone ingredients to give you extra shine.

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