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Q: I moved to Atlanta from Ohio a few months ago, and the extremely humid weather here makes my hair frizz out badly. I have wavy hair, very prone to fizz and use a temporary relaxer when I blow dry my hair straight. This works on most days except humid, cloudy days, when my hair frizzes out almost as soon as I leave home. Can you please recommend some good frizz control product that will prevent this. I have tried a few but to no avail.
A: I am sorry but with the humid weather it is almost impossible to conquer the problem. I go through the same thing on humid days. This is what happens: When you blow dry your hair, you smooth out the hair cuticle with a heat thus changing the chain structure inside the hair. In a dry weather hair stays put, but as soon as water molecules (the humidity) hit the hair, they penetrate the cuticle changing the chain structure inside the hair to its original stage. You could use basically any products with silicone ingredients that are designed to work against the humidity. But applying too much will make hair look greasy and applying too little will not make any difference. How about braiding your hair on the worst humid days? You may also try to use any product that is designed for a relaxed african-american hair. Maybe that will help.

Q: I want to buy a haircutting razer/comb.
A: Call all Beauty Supply Stores in your area and ask them if they carry any. If they do not, ask them if they sell anything that could substitute for a razor/comb.

Q: I'm afraid my problem might be one of those that is pretty odd and person-specific to a small minority of people, and which if you or your staff cannot e-mail a reply to me directly, this issue will likely go unanswered. Regardless, I think I shall still send it in to you just the same. Without a reply I am no worse off than I was before. I am in my 50s, and my beard is nearly all gray. My metal glasses have caused a small narrow path across my gray sideburns to turn green where the arms of the glasses cross my temples to my ears. There are 2 issues. First, how can I "bleach" out the green color of the hair across my temples where it should be gray? Next, with what can I coat the metal so it will not turn my hair green again? Yes, I know I can get new glasses, but these are only 3 years old, so I am not convinced it won't happen with still another pair. Also, I know I can cut or shave it off, but that still does not address the causal issue at hand, and won't keep it from continuing. Besides, I'd like to keep my beard. By the way, this does not affect my skin, which is just as healthy pink as ever, with no hint of green at all. With the high volume of e-mail you get, assuming you might not answer me, or even read this, I won't put all my eggs into just this one basket, but will also be trying some "beauty tip" sites, as well. I fear I may have to do like my wife does with her graying hair, and "color it" out with hair preparations. Thank you for any considerations or suggestions that you may provide.
A: I love this question. I think the metal and the sweat cause chemical reaction and probably create metallic salts that turn green. Metallic salts are almost impossible to remove from the hair. I do not think the bleach will help. Take Yellow Pages and look under Beauty Supply Stores and ask them if they have any solution, that removes metallic salts of a green color (there still may be some metallic salts color dyes for men on the market, so maybe they have the remover as well - I do not know of any off hand). Some Beauty Supply Stores are small and may not carry it, so call as many as you can. Now the glasses problem. Well, that is very simple to combat. First take your wife's nail remover, clean the metal in the area that touches your hair and then apply a coat or two of Top Coat (see through) nail polish all around the arms of your glasses. If it peels in the future, simply remove it with a nail polish remover and reapply Top Coat nail polish again. If you cannot remove the tint from your hair, you may have to wait and cut it out in 2 weeks without looking too short. It also may wash out, if you will start wearing your "nail polished glasses" as soon as possible.

Q: You have a super site. Nice work. But, have you thought about separating the professional information and technical education into a "Professional" side password coded, and having the public have a little less access to this? Then the public could have their own access to different info? Just food for thought.
A: I understand what you mean, but I am trying to educate clients about the professional side. There are a lot of hairdressers that do not get a very good education, they do not have enough knowledge about the chemical hair treatments, cutting etc. And I would like to provide all the info to people that are receiving (as well as giving) professional services. If our clients are knowledgeable, they can avoid coming to an uneducated stylist (by asking questions). This will make bad stylists either leave the professional field or take classes to better themselves. They can start with my pages and brush up the basic hairdressing knowledge for free. And then take classes with the professional companies and deepen their knowledge even more. As it comes to buying products from the companies - that's up to them not to sell to clients, but to salons only. They know it is illegal and should avoid these situations if they do not want to get into any trouble.

Q: I don't mean to be rude but I really did not like your short hair pictures. I have SHORT hair and I do not believe that girls with hair down past their chins are believed to have short hair. Otherwise I thought the Q&A was a good section.
A: Medium length hair starts at the shoulders. Therefor anything at the chin length and up, layered or blunt cut, is considered short style to majority of hair stylists.

Q: I need to know where I can purchase peroxide 20 vol. (supplier). I am currently in the Portugal, if I can not purchase it here is there somewhere that I can purchase it over the web? Can you please contact me and let me know as soon as possible?
A: I have no idea where to get 20 vol. hydrogen peroxide in the Portugal. I went on line but I didn't find any web site selling it. If you would be living in the US, you could go to any beauty supply store and buy Clairol's 20 vol. developer (peroxide).
You can do 3 things:

  1. Call your family member, ask them to go to the beauty supply store (if you are from the US), buy it and have them send it to you.
  2. Try to buy a "color package" (that includes developer) over the Internet at the
  3. Log onto this Portuguese web club site: and post a same question on their message board - people that speak Portuguese and English may help you find a store in the Portugal.

Q: Please send me info on a graduated layer haircut 90* degeee for my stateboard test next month I'm practicing.
A: You should work in sections. This way you can start basically anywhere. Lets say on a top. Take a section, comb the hair straight up and cut. Notice that hair is in a 90* angle toward the head. That means you always have to pull the hair away from head straight out, using previously cut hair as your guideline. On my web site it is Layered Cut no. 1 on the Cuts.html page, to give you an idea.

Q: Every time I try to let my hair grow out, lots of split ends are in the way. I have to get them cut, which makes it difficult for me to let my hair grow out. What is the solution to this problem? Thanks.

  1. Condition your hair ends regularly
  2. Have your hair trimmed once every 2-3 months
  3. Let your hairdresser trim only 1/8th of an inch – show him/her on the ruler, which you’ll bring with yourself to the salon (and check the floor after the first section is cut)
  4. In-between the cuts use soft styling products (gels, waxes, etc.) to camouflage the starting split ends
  5. Hope that your genes inherited an ability to grow a very long hair

Q: My hair is straw feeling! No matter what kind of conditioner I use it doesn't feel soft anymore.
A: If it feels like a straw, take a small spray bottle and mix a heavy duty conditioner with water and spray this mixture on your hair. Leave it in. Style. It will make your hair more manageable and softer feeling.

Q: I find using the cap a painful experience. Is there any tips to make the procedure more pleasant. I powder the cap before I place it on my head but still does not help.
A: If you are talking about removing the cap after your highlighting procedure, you should first rinse color/lightener off, then apply a conditioner on your hair (do not rinse), and only then take the cap off and proceed with a shampoo and again a conditioner.

Q: I had been using a permanent hair color for quite awhile and then one day when it was colored it went from healthy, shining hair to no shine at all. I walked into the salon with shine and left with no life to my hair at all. It's as if someone turned the lights out. Is this due to color overlapping or am I mistaken?
A: I would need to see how your stylist applies the color in order to tell you if it is due to an overlapping or not. But loosing a shine to your hair may be due to several reasons:

  1. Due to the improper color application (overlapping just like you mentioned, the hair usually turns very dark on the ends as well)
  2. Due to a sickness and/or medication
  3. Due to a stress
  4. Due to a bad diet

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