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Q: What's the best way to grow out 8" long hair that is permanently colored? I want my naturally grey hair to grow out. It's now dyed medium brown. Is 'reverse highlighting' an option?
A: It can be done, but your hair may feel like a straw after the process. First you need a knowledgeable colorist. Then your hair needs to be "stripped" of the pigment to the white stage. That means no pigment in your hair whatsoever. And last your colorist has to use a blue or purple toner to give your hair that "true" gray hair look (plus cancel any leftover yellow pigment in your hair.)

Q: Every time haircolor touches my scalp, I get what appears to be weepy patches, mild itchiness and then it flakes for days! I am currently highlighting to blend in the grey but it is very expensive and as I continue to get more grey, less effective. Can someone help me?
A: Have an allergy test done to figure out what it is that you are allergic to in the hair color. Then see, if there is a hair color product that doesn't have that ingredient(s). Hopefully. Otherwise you'll have to keep highlighting or just grow it out, because your allergies can get worse and your health is more important then a hair color.

Q: I've been lightening my dirty blond hair to a pale blond for a while now. The other day i put a darker blond permanent color on it, and it looked alright for a few hours, but then it turned this weird ashy, pinkish-brown color. is there any way i can fix this myself? my hair is pretty damaged already, and i dont want to make it worse. if i went to a salon, how would they fix this?
A: Let it wash out for couple of weeks. If your hair is on a damaged side, it will fade. And your hair will stay less over-processed without putting more chemicals on your hair.

Q: I just had hair professionally colored but it's too dark! I look like Elvira; can this be fixed?
A: The question is, was that your idea to go black? You should have tried a black wig on first, to see yourself if it would be good color for you. Go back to the salon and tell them about your problem. They should remove some of the color with a color remover and reapply a lighter color. But we are talking heavy duty chemicals here, so you will have to condition your hair and condition and condition..... P.S. And make sure that you get a colorist with a lot of experience or knowledge for this kind of job.

Q: Recently, I've been going to the salon to get numerous cap highlights done that basically make me a total blonde. My problem is: I want to start going all blonde, not just some blonde with dark brown roots that are still there, even when I leave the salon! I also would like to do my own hair. Do I purchase some hair bleach like the BW2 by Clairol, or Wella Speedlite Etc. After applying that to my brown roots, do I then apply a blonde hair dye or toner. I really like the shades that Clairol born blonde has. What level of peroxide or developer do I need. My natural hair is warm dark brown, that has alot of red undertones in it that always come out whenever I've tried a drug store highlighting kit or color. If I first bleach then apply a color or toner to the roots, do I then apply the color or toner to the rest of my already highligted hair for 10-15 minutes to refresh and blend the color. I keep my hair well conditioned. I just need to know if I'd be going about this the right way. I also need salon quality products. What about using UNRED to help eliminate the red/orangey undertones. When would I add such a product, to the bleach or the second process of toning or coloring or both?
A: My personal opinion is this: If you want to handle such strong on scalp lighteners (by the way BW2 is OFF THE SCALP lightener/bleach) go to a hairdressing school to learn how to handle such products, plus get licenced. These products are for professional use only, and only irresponsible stylist would tell you what to do and let you ruin your hair and/or scalp at home. Do you realize, that you can get blisters and possibly poison your body with those chemicals if NOT HANDLED PROPERLY? I would not want to give you this advise and then not be able to sleep thinking about you, if you are all right.

Q: I just highlighted my hair w/ one of the "frost and glow" highlighting kits. It turned out MUCH lighter than I expected. My hair was a medium/light brown that lighted during the summer. Will this drastic blond fade back to a color closer to the original one? Also, if I get my hair re-colored back to its original light brown, will the sun still make natural highlights on me?
A: Highlighting hair can be a dramatic change and shocking experience, especially if you do it for the first time. By highlighting your hair you basically removed your brown pigmentation. Now you need to put the pigment back. If you use semi-permanent color in light brown family (do not use medium brown - it could turn too dark), leave it on your hair for about 20 minutes to tone it down. If you leave it longer (30-35 min), it will color it to almost your original color. Using a semi-permanent color will ensure that the hair color will fade a little with each shampoo, there for you would end up with nice natural highlights at the end.

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