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Q: I have been working with a Board Certified Colorist for several months to get my overly light blonde hair to a nice slightly darker blonde. At first she was doing highlights and low lights and it look a little better, but very ashy and streaked. Then she added a LOT of darker color and I looked absolutely gray with some white streaks, so we did more highlights. This last time they did a base softener, highlights and a "warm" toner. My hair looked good for a week and the toner is fading fast and now I'm way too light again, especially with the new highlights. Next time I go she wants to do all over highlights, a base softener and a toner (to the tune of over $125 not including a cut). I have talked to her, showed her pictures, discussed using a filler (which she says can't be used unless I go back to my natural which is a dark mousy/ashy blonde). All I want is to be a couple of shades darker, a richer prettier shade that looks even. I have had a consultation with another gal in our area (I was driving over an hour to this other place) and she says I definitely need to have my hair filled and then a slightly darker shade put on that. I'm so confused -- what do I do? I'm spending an enormous amount of money and getting no where. I almost wish I had kept doing my hair at home and left it the very pale blonde it was. I've had to have several inches cut off my hair due to beauticians frying my hair. All I want is a nice darker, more natural looking blonde color. Am I asking too much? Is this not possible. Please send my your advice on what direction to go in. I'm about to do something myself but would rather have an expert handle it. I know of several people who go to this other gal here in town and their hair looks great (and a couple of them were platinum blondes before going to her). The gal who owns the shop is a Wella rep and would be helping to get my hair fixed. What do you suggest -- please let me know ASAP!!!
A: This is what I would do, but again you do not have to agree with it. Use blond filler, apply it to the hair. Blot excess with paper towels. Over the filler apply medium blond (perhaps combination of gold and natural blond 1:1) color mixed with 10 volume peroxide. All over the hair. Check every 5 minutes on the hair shaft how it is processing. If it is not done replace the color. Your hair is over processed and it will probably grab a lot of pigment, but again the hair cuticles are open too much from being too over processed and they will not be able to block any pigment from being shampooed out of your hair neither. Get yourself also gold blond color shampoo to help the color stay in (actually it will stain your hair with a pigment and will give you more of a camouflage) as much as possible. Do not use it every time - I would say every other or third time would be the best. When you need your roots - JUST THE ROOTS - touched up, let them use a combination of high-lift color and bleach (alternate the foils) - this may give you more natural, still light and more blended look. Just remember, it will take long time to get your hair where you need it to be. But you should probably do this technique as needed - if you will be able to keep the pigment in then try not to put any more highlights or any other color on your already processed hair. Oh, and you probably already look more like single processed with so many highlights put all over the hair shaft. You'll need to build your highlighted look over many months...

Q: i'm 22 and my name is g. i just had my hair highlighted recently at a salon with red tones throughout for the first time. i was pleased with it however when i washed my hair the color came out. the water hit it i hadn't even put in the shampoo yet and color was dripping out. i freaked of course. i blow dried my hair and noticed my highlights were the same. i wash my hair daily and have noticed the color continuously drips out in the shower and out of the shower. as a result i can't let my hair air dry and have to blow dry it now all the time. this is wrecking my hair. it looks nice but its kind of dry and i'm sure its not good for my hair. i would like to know what i can do to prevent this from happening. I have a dry scalp and extremely sensitive skin and can only use products that are for sensitive skin and dry scalp ie: Neutrogena. i called the salon they said this was normal that red color strips out very easily and to use a conditioner specially meant for red hair. with my sensitive skin i don't know if this is possible. what do i do? please help. thanks bye.
A: Red pigment is the smallest pigment of them all. That's why it washes slowly out, but some always remains in. (I had the same problem for many years, when I used to color my hair red). After few shampoos the red color will stop dripping. You should have a towel especially designated for your colored hair. I do not know about any other colored shampoos or conditioners for sensitive skin. I've done some thinking and came up with this idea: How about if you purchase a red pigment in the Beauty Supply Store in your area and add it to your Neutrogena Shampoo or Conditioner? Of course you would just add as much as needed - talk to a sales person in the Beauty Supply Store, to give you some idea how much. I've never done it, but if you are not allergic to any ingredients in the red pigmented product, why not. First do some research, call Neutrogena company and tell them what you are thinking to do and ask them for their advice and only then be adventurous. Let me know what you decided to do, and if you use my idea, let me know how it works, so I can write about it on my web site.

Q: I want to know if you can lighten dark auburn hair without bleaching it out first. Does color really lift the hair to a natural blonde.
A: A color is intended for a depositing pigments into the hair shaft. It will not remove an artificial pigment. The light shades may lift some of the natural pigments only, but not deposited pigments. You need to use a tint removal or a bleach. But your color will come most likely yellow or yellow-orange. Then you would have to tint it to dark blond, which could grab too much pigment. You should see a professional and have a consultation, which many salons provide for free. You should ask them many questions, ie. how light it will get and if they will tint it to blond what color it will most likely come out, how will my hair feel after the process etc. You also need to find a colorist that is very knowledgeable in this area. Changing a redhead to a blond is the most difficult process and you should not do it yourself at home.

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